Investing in Foreign Property

With the instability of the economy the way it is in North America and the threat of Big Brother, more and more North Americans are looking to invest in international real estate where they feel that they can protect their hard earned money. I find that many people who are looking to invest in a foreign country have many questions they are searching for answers for. Among these questions are some of the following. Where can I invest that I don’t have to worry about losing my investment because of an unstable government? How do I go about investing in a foreign country? Is it safe? What country is the best place to invest? What are the tax implications?

We spent two years researching international properties before we decided to invest and we compared the advantages and disadvantages of each. When it came down to it, we decided the best place to invest was Panama and here are some of the reasons we decided on this tropical paradise:

• Hundreds of miles of beaches, mountain scenery, and temperate climates are what you can discover in Panama.

• Local currency is U.S, dollars offering excellent exchange rates and stable currency

• One of the lowest crime rates worldwide it has the highest rating for tourist safety

• One of the fastest growing destinations in the world

• English is the second language

• Average climate is 27 degrees all year round

• Exceptional tax benefits for investors and foreigners

• Good access from Canada, U.S. and Europe by plane

• Panama City is the capital and largest city. It is a world banking center, with countless shopping areas, restaurants of all kinds, and everything you would expect in a major city anywhere in the world.

• Panama makes retirement relatively easy for foreigners.

• Some of the best retirements benefits in the world. Proof of retirement income of $1000 a month, with $200 more for each dependent, will allow you to apply for residency.

• Panama is one of today’s fastest-growing retirement areas in the Western Hemisphere; it is one of the most globalized countries in the world; Panama is part of Latin America, which is the Retirement Home of Baby Boomers. residential tourism business has made its construction industry grow by more than US $800 million during recent months; and the gross domestic product

statistics are impressive.

• Panama is a low tax jurisdiction, where the use of asset protection, tax planning

and wealth and estate planning is a very common agenda for professional attorneys, accountants, private banks and investment advisers.

• Offshore accounts very feasible as Panama prides herself in protecting the identity of their banking clients

• American style infrastructure.

• Cost of Living very low. About half of what we are used to.

• No natural disasters, no hurricanes no earthquakes

• Booming economy

• Panama city is a world class city

• Over 80 offshore banks

• Trade free zones

• First class Health and medical care

• Giant shopping centers with an abundance of choices and very reasonably priced

• High speed internet service

• Excellent private schools at exceptional prices

• Panama Canal is strategic to world trade

• Panamanian people are peaceful, friendly and fun-loving

• Plans to widen the Panama Canal in 2010, expected to take 15 years to develop at a cost of $5 billion US dollars

• Expected that 80 million baby boomers to retire in the next five to ten years. 5% are expected to look to retire in a tropical destination. That relates to about 4 million people. At least one million are expected to call Panama their home in a country where there presently resides a population of about 3 million people.

• Booming construction in the housing industry

• Residential tourism business has made its construction industry grow by more than US $800 million during recent months; and the gross domestic product statistics are impressive.

• In Panama, it is perfectly acceptable to transfer properties and funds to Panamanian corporations. These corporations can be placed under the umbrella of a private foundation, which is a tailor made, asset protection, living will with legal personality.

• In Panama, there are no withholding taxes on savings bank accounts, securities investment earnings or stock exchange capital gains. Profits received in

Panama from money invested outside of Panama, is tax-free.

• Quality construction

• Property management available allow you to have your condos rented out on your behalf

• Excellent rental returns and capital growth on investment property

• Ground floor opportunity for real estate investment

• Rental income accrues sufficient funds each year to deposit in bank

• Waterfront investment property in paradise

• Positive cash flow

• Low income tax

• No property tax for twenty years on new construction for foreigners

• View sunsets from your balcony. Panama is only 37 miles at its narrowest point to 110 miles in width. You can watch the sun rise and set over the Pacific coasts or over the Caribbean coasts. Or why not watch the sun rise over one ocean, cross the isthmus, and watch the sun set over the other?

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