What Are Some Prominent Cities for Investing in Property in India?

Buying property in India has become a lucrative business opportunity for many. Although such is the case in developed cities, many are looking forward to investing in residential properties located in upcoming or Tier 2 cities. There are many advantages of investing in cities, which are yet to become industrialized, or expand into sizes similar to those of Tier 1 cities. Before you buy a property in India, it is important to realize the benefits of a low investment price, and a high resale value. All regions of India are filled with destinations property buyers love, but you need a heads up on which cities are doing well.

North India

North India is filled with industrial cities. With an influx of population from various Indian cities, some areas have benefitted from a rise in population. And thus, property prices have been on the rise for the last few years. Many cities in North India have also been among the ones that are recognized as promising Tier 2 cities. One of them is Panipat – with an exciting history, this Haryanvi city is a great investment option for people interested in resale and rental gains.

South India

Capital cities in South Indian states have long been known for developments par excellence in the last few decades. Once a region filled with small towns, it has become one of the biggest destinations for investors seeking property in India. South India is also known for receiving a distinct thrust in population growth. This has caused rental planners and homebuyers to find excellent security for their capital.

West India

Although many cities in western India are known for international connections as coastal cities from ancient times, many inland cities in Maharashtra and Gujarat are now gaining popularity as small towns with immense prospects of turning into mega cities within the next 5-7 years.

East India

Many cities such as in the upper areas of West Bengal, eastern parts of Madhya Pradesh and industrial townships of Orissa are becoming popular for property investors. These cities are typically high-potential low-priced places that can yield great value for the average investor.

Keep in mind that many major cities such as Bombay, New Delhi and the like hold great property value. However, most experts believe that they have reached high point saturation in the price levels. Although you may not lose value by investing in property in India, such cities may be slow in property value appreciation.

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